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Plot No. 9AR17,ICAD - II - Industrial City, Mussaafah P.O. Box 65,Abu Dhabi U.A.E


We put Safety and Quality first.Creating and pursuing future value for our clients through " Engineering Excellence"


Integrity: To act with honesty and integrity, displaying personal and business ethics at all times in all we do, and being mindful of company regulations and acting in compliance with law.

Teamwork: Foster team spirit across the various departments, to stand united to achieve our goal of being leaders in the work we do. Be generous to lend a hand to a colleague, or be generous to mention a word of appreciation for a job well done. Motivating each other can take us a long way while we practice FERROFAB's 'can-do' spirit.

Respect : Treat every individual with whom we work and also those we serve with respect and a high level of professionalism.

Learning : Show a thirst for knowledge and improvement of our business. View challenges as opportunities to learn.

Measurable Achievement: Being able to quantify our achievements and successes with measurable goals and positive outcomes, as individuals and overall as a company.